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Brilliant Value

What puts the ‘brilliant’ in Brilliant Value?

We apply the same principles of obsessive engineering details, whether it be shaving nanometres' from a component to find a perfect fit, or shaving thousands off a unit cost of a part. This attention to detail gives us a unique balance. We don’t want to build the world’s best cars that no one can afford to drive, and we don’t want to build cheap cars that are no good. Building cars that are brilliant is one thing, engineering prices to be less than lesser cars is quite another. It’s what we at Volkswagen call brilliant value.

Keyless entry

Keyless Entry is our automatic locking and starting system. It's very convenient as you just have to carry the key, which houses an ID sender. The key is identified via sensors in the door handles and a radio pulse generator in the key housing when you are within 1.50 metres of your car. It automatically unlocks as soon as the door handle (or boot lid) is operated. The system also releases the steering lock and turns on the ignition electronically, without inserting the key. Provided you have the key on you while inside the car, the engine can be started by simply pressing the starter button. However, the key can also be used like a conventional one to operate the central locking and start the car via the ignition. When leaving the car, you simply press the locking button on the door handles.

Did you hear that?

Did you hear that?

Close the door and you’ll hear a solid “thunk.” That’s proof of the quality we engineered into every Volkswagen. Like the laser seam welds for sturdyconstruction, the available panoramic sunroof, the premium soft-touch dash, and theleather-wrapped steering wheel. It’s German engineering you can appreciate everytime you get inside a Volkswagen. As soon as you close the door. Can quality have a sound?

Rear view camera

A camera at the back of your car shows you what's behind to make reversing safer and easier. Our rear view camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car - even moving ones - quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot. The camera starts working as soon as you put your car into reverse gear. It shows the area behind your car on your radio or radio navigation system display offering you a clear reversing image with easy-to-follow guidelines. Superimposed graphic lines guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing fuss-free, smooth parking.


Bluetooth technology helps electronic devices communicate wirelessly via radio signals between their transmitters and receivers. With Bluetooth in your car you can make hands-free calls, without taking your phone out of your pocket. It reroutes calls to your car's audio system when you are driving, automatically muting any music that is playing while you are speaking. You can also connect to music on your phone and some MP3 players. The transmitting power of the interface is one watt, allowing a transmission range of around ten metres - more than enough to link up devices inside a car. We offer factory fitted Bluetooth solutions providing safe, hands-free communications while driving.

Tyre pressure monitoring

This system tells you your tyre pressure, via your instrument panel, before you set off, and during every journey. Sensors in each wheel (including the spare wheel) and the wheel electronics send radio signals to a control unit with information about tyre pressure and temperature. As each unit has its own code you can easily tell which wheel is affected. If tyre pressure is too low, or there's a sudden loss of pressure, you are warned by visual and/or sound signals. This constant monitoring offers you a high level of safety. Although the system is a great help, it is still the driver's responsibility to make sure the correct tyre pressure is maintained.

Key Technology

Find out one of our best kept secrets!

Easy Open Power Tailgate

Got your hands full and your car key in your pocket? Hands free boot opening uses a sensor beneath the rear bumper to automatically open the boot as you approach. Perfect when you need a helping hand.

Monsoon testing

Monsoon testing

You don’t have to worry about the ‘Four seasons in one day’ New Zealand weather because we test our water proof seals in monsoon conditions to ensure no moisture can get in.

Perfect paint finish

Perfect paint finish

Each and every vehicle is washed 10 times in a bath and then dusted with emu feathers to ensure they are spotless before being painted. The result is a vehicle with a perfect paint finish and an 8 year guarantee on your car’s body work.

Laser welded body

Laser welded body

Instead of your car being put together with spot welding - like buttons on a shirt – all Volkswagens joins are zipped together using laser welding giving each seam extra strength.

Flexible boot

Make space in the boot of your Volkswagen with our flexible boot floor.

Year round picniking

Celebrate year-round picnicking with our neat storage solutions and chilled glove box.


Our Misfuel Prevention Device ensures you always get the right amount of fuel and stops you from filling up with the wrong type.

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Brilliant Value