A man gets in the Volkswagen ID.3

Becoming ID. – The evolution of the ID.3 (near-production prototype)

Becoming ID. – The evolution of the ID.3 (near-production prototype)

Volkswagen is entering the future with the fully electric ID.3. An exclusive series with films and interviews now presents all the development work for this fascinating electric car and the subsequent transformation of the Volkswagen brand. Experts from over 20 departments talk about their personal challenges and the pioneering ideas which helped them to overcome these.

Take a look behind the scenes

Starting now, new episodes of “Becoming ID.” can be found regularly here. Meet the people involved in the development of the new ID.3, from the initial idea to the final series production model. Be inspired.

Concept development: from the e-Golf1 to the modular electric drive matrix

With the new ID.3, this team of experts from different fields have developed an electric car to ring in the new era of sustainable mobility. Here, you can see how challenging and pioneering their work is.

First design ideas: the fully electric ID. family

Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen’s Head Designer, and his team have transformed the fully electric ID. family from a vision into reality. The radically new design also symbolises the new freedoms that electric mobility offers.

Platform model: the modular electric drive matrix

The origins of the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) date back to a long time before the market launch, to where it all started in the pre-development phase. In this episode, you will find out why it is the dream of every developer to create a completely new platform.

With the ID.3, we have proven that the people at Volkswagen can usher in a new era in an extremely short period of time.
Bernd Dörrige
Head of Platform Pre-development

Crash testing: prepared for everything

Passenger protection was a top priority in the safety development of ID.3. In this episode, you can find out how additional features have further enhanced safety and what the new centre airbag does for the driver and front passenger.

Zwickau will become the flagship for e-mobility in Europe with the ID.3
Reinhard de Vries
Managing Director of Technology and Logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH

Interior: the mobile living room

The interior of the ID.3 is full of innovations and yet retains a puristic design. Here you can see how Alex Gebel’s interior design team succeeded in finding a new design language for e-mobility.

Vehicle construction: a prototype emerges

Planning and developing the ID.3 (near-production-ready prototype) are one thing; producing and testing it is completely different. What challenges does Sven Köhler have to overcome on a daily basis and what excites him most about the ID.3? Find out here.

Start of sales: headed for the future

A huge moment for Chief Sales Officer Jürgen Stackmann: The new ID.3 (near-production-ready prototype) celebrates its official premiere in front of its future drivers. Find out about the goals that Volkswagen has set itself for the years ahead.

I find it most exciting to see how our initial ideas have developed into such a pioneering car.
Marco Könnemann
Preconcept development, MEB platform