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The 10 most electro-friendly cities in Europe

The 10 most electro-friendly cities in Europe

Spontaneously on holiday? Simply travel with your own electric car. The wide range of charging options in Major European cities make this possible. We have researched the top 10 cities in Europe for you, measured by the most charging stations.

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1. London 

The capital of England by the Thames is a modern city with a lot of history.
The center is easily recognized by the Palace of Westminster, the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, the Great Clock Tower. A highlight of recent times is the London Eye Ferris wheel, which offers panoramic views over the city. The thriving city of London is always a great destination, whether you want to enjoy the weekly markets in Notting Hill or vivid shopping hustel at Piccadilly Circus.

Regarding electromobility, London makes innovative progress. So there are e.g. projects such as the Electric Avenue, where charging stations are discreetly integrated into street lamps. The cityscape shows one of the highest numbers of charging stations in Europe and therefore makes an ideal electro-friendly summer destination.

2. Hamburg

The northern German port city is located directly by the river Elbe and is therefore also referred to as the "Gateway to the World". Hamburg is known for its extensive park and green areas and, with the Alster, has another body of water in the inner city area, that invites you to do water sports. The entire cityscape is characterized by classic old buildings, which alternate with new buildings. Every district is different and contributes to the versatility of the Hanseatic city – culture and history can be discovered everywhere. Typical Hamburg is a visit to the St. Michaelis Church and the Speicherstadt as well as a harbor tour. A new highlight is the Elbphilharmonie, an imposing concert hall in HafenCity.

Hamburgs approach in matters of e- mobility is just as versatile and innovative as the city itself.
For example, the city has been successfully pursuing the expansion for years. Both in terms of the number of electric vehicles and the density of the charging infrastructure, the Hanseatic city is one of the pioneers in Germany. Ideal conditions for a nice, short break in Hamburg with your own electric car.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm - the Swedish capital is a metropolis with a modern, urban flair. The city includes 14 islands connected by more than 50 bridges. The cityscape is characterized  by imposing classical buildings and  modern  installations. Highlights such as 'Gamla Stan', the ancient  old town with the Nikolaikirche, the Royal Palace and the Nobel  Museum, characterize the city as well as the more modern districts with their lively bar and gastronomy scene. The great nature  of the archipelago islands  can be  discovered directly from the city centre by ferry and excursion boats.

The Swedish city attaches great importance to e-mobility. Charging stations are distributed throughout Stockholm and many of the public transport systems are electric. Sweden's capital is now also to get an electric ferry. An exciting European city that offers itself wonderfully as a spontaneous holiday destination for traveling with your own electric car.

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4. Berlin 

The capital of Germany is characterized by its many historic buildings and the diversity of its districts. In Berlin you will find both seclusion at bathing lakes and a vibrant culture. Innovation and modern thinking characterize the city. In addition to numerous museums and art exhibitions, popular sights such as the Gendarmenmarkt, the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate are versatile excursion destinations.

It is not surprising that the city is also at the forefront in matters of electromobility: With its high-performance charging infrastructure network, Berlin has the largest coverage of e-charging stations in Germany. The electro-friendly city is therefore an ideal destination within Europe.

5. Munich

Munich is always worth a visit. Internationally famous mainly for the Oktoberfest, the city offers centuries-old buildings and numerous museums. The English Garden invites you to stroll and in the old town at Marienplatz you can find landmarks such as the New Town Hall. Shopping facilities are also located here. The Bavarian capital in the south of Germany convinces not only with its hearty gastronomy but also with its proximity to mountains and lakes.

Munich is also at the forefront when it comes to electromobility. For example, the "Munich emobil" funding program was launched to advance the city in terms of e-mobility. Their distinctive charging infrastructure therefore makes them the ideal destination for a trip with your own e-car.

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6. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very lively city with beautiful alleys, narrow small houses with gabled facades and widely branched canals, also called “Grachten”. Also worth seeing are their museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. Another must-see is the Anne Frank House. The Dutch capital is not only famous for its numerous bicycles and cycle paths, but also for its tulips and the associated flower market. Very popular are also the boat tours through the canals, where you get to know the city from a different side.

Since cycling is part of the country's culture, it is not surprising that the Dutch are also very open to electromobility. In Amsterdam, for example, one of the largest, intelligent charging networks for e-cars is in operation. Perfect conditions if you are looking for an exciting destination for yourself and your electric car.

7. Milan

Milan is a metropolis in northern Italy and is regarded worldwide as a center for fashion and design. In addition to the much-praised gastronomy, the city also has a lot to offer in terms of art and culture: sights such as the Duomo of Milan, the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping gallery make up the charm of the Italian city. A visit to La Scala, the famous opera house, offers a special holiday experience.

Electromobility is part of everyday life in Milan. an important Charging stations can be found throughout the city, and many public transport buses are already electric. An exciting destination in Europe that you should definitely take a closer look at.

8. Rome

The capital of Italy has a very long history of art history, architecture and culture. Ancient ruins such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum bear witness to the splendour of the ancient Roman Empire. Worth seeing are the Vatican City, the numerous museums, the Spanish Steps and of course the Trevi Fountain. Away from the crowds, smaller boutiques can also be found in the alleys. In Rome you can not only enjoy culture, but also the authentic Italian cuisine in the numerous restaurants.

Rome is making progress in terms of electromobility and in addition to historical sites, there are also numerous charging stations for e-cars in the center. Therefore, this versatile city is also suitable as a spontaneous holiday destination for traveling with your own electric car.

In the foreground you can see a laughing woman, in the background a VW ID.3.

9. Barcelona

The diverse Spanish city on the Catalan coast is characterized by innovation and history with a modern cultural and gastronomic scene. Known for its artwork and architecture, apart from the impressive Sagrada Familia Basilica, Barcelona’s city centre also offers other monuments by the artist Gaudi, as well as numerous museums and shopping facilities.

With a large number of charging stations, Barcelona is also a role model in terms of electromobility. A lively start-up scene is driving the e-mobility sector forward. Thus, the city presents itself as an optimal European destination for a short break with an e-car.

10. Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is divided into two parts by the Danube and is connected by the famous Chain Bridge. The lively city offers a mix of stately old buildings and modern new buildings. Well-known sights are the Parliament Building on the banks of the Danube, the Historical Museum, Trinity Square with Matthias Church and the towers of the Fisherman's Bastion. Popular is Buda's old town on the castle hill, which can be reached by cable car. Budapest is also known for its spicy cuisine.

E-cars have become an integral part of the cityscape – and Budapest is also very well stocked with charging stations. Ideal conditions for a discovery tour with your own electric car.


Making your holiday in Europe easy with electric mobility: With the new electric cars from the Volkswagen ID. family, you can make an exciting road trip through Europe's beautiful cities. The wide range of urban charging options makes travelling with your own e-car even more attractive.

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