Family Ross in front of their e-up!

Totally electric!

Totally electric!

Malgorzata Ross in Berlin.

Electric Cars are especially useful if you do several short journeys a day. Malgorzata, who lives in Berlin-Treptow, drives back and forth through the city every day. Doing the family shop’s no problem with the e-up! either. The boot’s very spacious, she says. Apart from that, the little runabout is environmentally friendly. 

Outline of a map of Germany with a mark on the location of Berlin

MALGORZATA ROSS, aged 40, likes to combine practicality and pleasure. The e-up! is the answer to mastering the multiple demands of everyday family life, and also a way of collecting cool-points from the children, which can only be a good thing.

Malgorzata Ross
“Our children tell their friends that our car is really quiet and environmentally friendly. They think it’s cool.” Malgorzata Ross

You’ve already started your trip and you don’t even know it.

Malgorzata Ross drove an e-up! for the first time in 2014. She won’t forget her experience in a hurry – and her children still find it funny today. With her infectious laugh, she tells us that she started the car and hadn’t noticed that the engine had been running for a while. It’s just that quiet. She’s been driving the agile little e-up! back and forth through Berlin since the end of 2014 and finds the electric car ideal for driving in the big city, especially for people who do lots of short journeys every day – whether it’s taking the kids to school or driving to work. She uses the e-up! to take the kids from A to B after work too: “Then in the afternoon there are sailing and music lessons. The e-up! is an amazing car for the city – and a first class kid-taxi.”

I charge it when I get back home before I leave on the next journey.

The project manager and her husband had been toying with the idea of buying a smaller car for city driving, but it had to be a car that was ideal for short journeys. After test driving the e-up!, Malgorzata immediately made the decision to buy one. It was her husband Matthias who decided that they should have an electric model. As the managing director of a company that makes storage batteries for big sustainable power line networks, he was intrigued to try out a vehicle of this kind for himself. “He wanted to know what electric cars had to offer”, she said. Quite a lot, as it happens! For example, the Ross family now knows that the e-up! battery has enough power to see them through their daily family schedule. And that’s the main reason for buying an electric car, after all. Malgorzata charges it at home by simply plugging it into the garage socket – done! Since then, the family has not only come to appreciate the youngest member of the family, they love it. Malgorzata is always pleasantly surprised at how much room there is in the boot of the electric car. There’s even plenty of space for the weekly shop, including the bottle crates. The children have become real e-up! fans too. They take pride in telling their friends how quiet and environmentally friendly the car is. They all think it’s cool. Their parents’ environmental awareness has long since rubbed off on them. That’s a great compliment for the e-up!

Family Ross in front of their e-up!, the boy on a skateboard
“It’s agile and compact, and there’s a lot more room in the boot than you think.”
The view over Berlin with the TV Tower

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