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The start of a long distance relationship

Hit the pedal and you’re off and running. The e-Golf is responsive, agile and fun to drive. We put the e-Golf to the challenge with our friends at the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), to see how far we could drive in real-world conditions. The results are in: with two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf managed to drive from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa - an impressive distance of 220km.

It's electrifying! The e-Golf has much to offer

Driving Experience
The surge of power you get when you put your foot down in an e-Golf has to be felt to be believed. The electric motor provides instant torque and a very smooth power delivery due to the stepless gearbox.

Stable handling and an exceptionally steady ride are an inherent advantage of the batteries' low-down location in the vehicle. Its power steering gives a smooth response and it feels almost as agile as a normal Golf.

Driving Modes
The e-Golf offers four unique levels of regenerative braking that the driver can choose to control the rate of battery recharge. This is helpful in slow-moving traffic helping to extend the range and enhance efficiency. Additionally, three different driving modes are offered which tailor the characteristics of the drivetrain to suit the driver - Normal, Eco and Eco +.

Charging options


The e-Golf charging options

Charging options

Trickle charging

The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger that plugs into your home domestic plug socket and will charge the car overnight.

Wall box

Your home wall box can help you to consume the available power in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way.


Rapid charging

The Type 2/CCS (rapid charging) will provide an 80% battery charge in approx. 45 mins. Make charging current by downloading these apps to your smartphone: PlugShare and the Vector EV Charging. These apps show maps of the available charging stations.



We are here to help you choose what's right for you

Customise your Volkswagen 

From variant, alloys to colour, you can choose what suits you best

Build your Volkswagen

Finance your e-Golf from $290*/week


From 0 to wow! in 4.2 seconds

Driving an electric motor makes sense. It's fun too. You can take the e-Golf from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.6 seconds, and from 0 to 60 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. 

100 kW performance, 290 Nm torque and the seamless 1-speed gearbox ensures a real wow effect from the first revolution to the top speed of 150 km/h. 

At the same time, you can brake to increase your e-Golf’s range. There’s nothing to lose by braking. On the contrary: in the e-Golf, who brakes wins – and energy is the prize.