Touareg V8
Touareg V8
Touareg V8

The Touareg V8
Power meets luxury

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Volkswagen’s most powerful SUV
The Touareg V8

Packing the same punch as a super car, the new Touareg V8 takes its place as the most powerful Volkswagen SUV ever made.

Delivering 310 kW of power and maximum torque from the 4.0-litre eight-cylinder engine. Whether cruising at low speeds, or on the highway – the engine provides excellent & responsive acceleration. The Touareg V8 TDI showcases its performance when it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h under 5 seconds.

This luxury SUV sets a new standard in SUV with its powerful combination of immense powertrain, premium exterior styling, interior comfort, and incredible handling.

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Customise your Touareg V8

The Touareg has much to offer - a luxurious SUV

View of the Innovision Cockpit in the VW Touareg

Innovision Cockpit
The universal control centre with no switches. The Innovision cockpit is one of the highlights of the Touareg. The wide, screen with brilliant display offers a uniquely clear layout for the driver and an intuitive operating concept.

4-Corner Air Suspension
For responsive steering and stable cornering. The 4-corner air suspension reduces lateral tilt and the tendency to understeer. The result? Amazingly dynamic driving characteristics. 

Touareg V8 Performance

4.0L V8 TDI Engine


The Touareg has been built to be driven and enjoyed. It features a 4.0L turbocharged diesel engine capable of providing an impressive 310 kW of power and a colossal 900 Nm of torque. This is the most powerful diesel engine ever to be fitted to a Volkswagen.

48-Volt Active Roll Stabilisation system

Responsive steering, stable cornering

Active stabilisers on the front and rear axle reduce the lateral tilt when cornering. They are electromechanical rather than hydraulic. The Touareg thus responds sensitively to steering, even at low speeds. The optional system prevents understeer during more dynamic cornering: the front wheels push the vehicle less forcefully into the outer edge of the bend.
*Standard on V8 R-Line First Edition. Optional on V8 R-Line.

Active Roll Stabilisation system
Air suspension

Always on a high

And to ensure that there’s no damper on your driving enjoyment, the Touareg V8 comes with air suspension as standard. It adapts the height of the body to all terrains. The 4-corner air suspension also reduces lateral tilt and the tendency to understeer. The result? Amazingly dynamic driving characteristics.*

*4-Corner Air Suspension with Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) standard on Touareg V8 R-Line and V8 R-Line First Edition.

*All-wheel steering standard on Touareg V8 R-Line First Edition.

Touareg air suspension
Seven distinct ways to drive

Don’t let the new Touareg’s exterior beauty fool you, at its heart lies a rugged all-terrain vehicle

Driving Profile Selection with 4MOTION Active Control gives you the option of Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Offroad, Snow or your own Individual driving profiles so you’re in complete control.

TouaregV8 driving mode
All-wheel steering

Greater stability and manoeuvrability in one, thanks to all-wheel steering

A smaller turning circle is possible when the rear wheels steer as well as the front wheels. On request, you can now also use this technique with the Touareg, which makes the vehicle hugely manoeuvrable and improves its steering stability. Furthermore, when travelling faster than 50kmh the rear wheels also steer to help with cornering.*

*Standard on V8 R-Line First Edition. Optional on V8 R-Line (part of the 48-Volt Active Roll stabilisation package)

All-Wheel Steering

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