Park Assist
The new Golf can help relieve the stress of finding that perfect parking spot with smart sensors that not only tell you if a space is large enough when you drive past – but by doing the manoeuvring for you too. At the press of a button, the Golf will steer itself into parallel and right-angle spaces while you work the pedals.1

Rear View Camera
Located discreetly behind the swivelling VW badge, is the HD Rear View Camera. Capable of streaming a crystal-clear video feed of the rear view to the Golf’s infotainment screen, this feature projects guidance lines to help you reverse into any spot with ease.1

Exit warning system
When you’re stopped, the Exit Warning System kicks in, using radar sensors to monitor the areas around your car for other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. If you open your door in a situation where a collision is likely, the warning lamp on the exterior mirror flashes alongside an acoustic warning from the speakers.1
Only available on Life and R-line



Safety technologies are designed to assist the driver, but should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices.