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The Golf R Performance.

From $76,990*

Limited to 25 units.

Limited to 25 units.

The formula for performance.

Charismatic, confident, and powerful - experience it all.

Limited in number, but not in power. This ultimate hot hatch is designed to take on life at top speed. Equipped with a turbocharged engine, sport-tuned suspension, and a dual titanium exhaust system, the Golf R is ready to perform at a split-second’s notice.

Spec Sheet


Dual Titanium Exhaust System.

The R Performance titanium exhaust system not only looks great, but it sounds great too. Developed by one of the world's leading manufacturers, Akrapovič's lightweight construction makes it resistant to high temperatures. It also produces a unique sporty sound that any enthusiast will love.




Performance Brake System.

Calling for a high-performance brake system, the Golf R Performance does not disappoint. Combining drilled brake discs and special brake pads with 19" Spielberg wheels weighing in at only 9.6kg. All topped off with front-fitted custom R Performance brake calipers, things get particularly racy.





Maximum Attack.

Deactivating the 250km/h speed limiters allows you to reach maximum potential with your Golf R Performance.

Rear Spoiler.

The exclusive rear spoiler ensures extra downforce measuring with up to 20kg specially for the Golf R and also improves roadholding.

R “Performance” titanium exhaust system from Akrapovič.

Made from a desired titanium alloy, the Akrapovič exhaust system in the Golf R Performance not only reduces the weight but gives it an unmistakable sound. Depending on your driving mode, the sound spectrum can range from a comfortable everyday hum to a powerful motorsport roar. These acoustics are typical in Akrapovič exhausts when reaching high engine speeds and changing gear – precisely and perfectly balanced.

7-speed DSG gearbox.

Shifting gears within a few hundredths of a second, the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox allows the Golf R to accelerate efficiently without losing pulling power.


The heart of the Golf R is ready to fire from all cylinders with its high-performance TSI turbocharged engine. On the road or track, the 228kW engine under the R-badged bonnet is just waiting to unleash its full power.


The sport HMI (Human Machine Interface) keeps you informed with all current engine figures. From turbo boost pressure to the G-force meter, you can easily stay tuned using the infotainment system screen.


The 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system tactfully transfers torque between the front and rear wheels. In normal driving conditions, power is only delivered to the front wheels but 4MOTION can also send torque to the rear axle when it’s needed. Talk about a power move.

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The Golf R is more powerful than ever and shows how quickly technology is developing: at 228 kW (310 HP) and 400 Nm of torque with the DSG dual clutch transmission, it combines a true passion for motorsports with impressive performance and equipment.

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Athletic, feisty, distinctive. For over four decades the Golf GTI has been an icon; the car that other cars have aspired to be. The beating heart of the Golf range is the Golf GTI, a car with little to prove, but much to offer!


The Golf is the vehicle that has shaped its own class for generations. And now the Golf is setting a new milestone for the next generation with little additions to the iconic design, intuitive technology and evolutionary safety features. The benchmark just keeps getting better.