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New Passat Alltrack: Car of the Year goes off-road

Volkswagen New Zealand is proud to announce the arrival of the all new Passat Alltrack. The second generation Passat Alltrack (generation 1 debuted in 2012) is immediately recognisable as an individually designed wagon and SUV crossover, ready to tackle both the daily commute to work and the more adventurous off-road excursions that many Kiwis like to embark on.

Ground clearance has been increased by 27.5mm over the standard Passat range, lifting ground clearance to 174mm. The exterior of this charismatic model is distinguished from others in the Passat range by its body-coloured bumpers with matte chrome decorative mouldings, underride guard in stainless steel, silver roof rails and chrome trapezoidal trim panels. In addition, it features 18-inch "Kalamata" alloy wheels as standard (optional 19-inch "Albertville" alloys).

The new colour "Habanero Orange Metallic" is exclusive to this crossover model and matches the different body trims extremely well. The car features the Alltrack badge on the front grille, on the tailgate at the rear and on the sides on the front wings (as an extension of the character line). The tailgate also displays the motor designation and the 4MOTION badge as a reference to the standard all-wheel drive.

Like the exterior, the interior of the Passat Alltrack has been specifically modified to express the charismatic character of this all-terrain model. The high level of individualisation, the materials used and the extensive standard equipment create an exclusive and sporty ambience. One of the most important features setting the Passat Alltrack apart from other models in the series is the new design seat system. The ergo comfort seats are trimmed in “Vienna” leather with heated front seats while the gear knob and the multifunction steering wheel (also a standard feature) are trimmed in leather.

The Passat Alltrack offers ample space on all seats and also an extremely large and versatile luggage compartment. With five passengers on board, a class-leading 639 litres of stowage space is still available and folding the asymmetrically split rear seat backrest enables extremely flexible use of the interior

Passat Alltrack offers maximum connectivity: a 6.5” colour touchscreen stereo with navigation systems - Discover Media and App Connect. The progressive designed infotainment system enables maximum connectivity for linking external devices. The various interfaces include integration of smartphones via App Connect. This is based on the  CarPlay™ (Apple) and Android Auto™ (Google) applications. These platforms enable Apple and Android smartphones with important apps to be integrated into the infotainment systems of the Passat Alltrack.

Android Auto™
Android Auto™ was developed by Google for Android smartphones. In exactly the same way as with CarPlay™, selected phone apps are displayed on the infotainment system's touchscreen. The numerous apps that can be incorporated via "Android Auto™ include classics such as Google Maps, Google Play Music and Spotify, but also countless new apps. Many of these apps can be operated via "Google Voice" control as an alternative to the touchscreen (the voice control function is activated on the multifunction steering wheel).

Apple CarPlay
If you own an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6S or 6S Plus, you can use a selected number of apps via the infotainment system of the Passat Alltrack. This system also mirrors the smartphone apps. CarPlay™ feeds the iPhone's messages, maps and music apps into the infotainment system via a USB connection. The apps in the Passat Alltrack are then controlled either via the touchscreen of the infotainment system or by voice control with Siri (Apple). CarPlay™ is child's play to use: as soon as the smartphone is connected to the infotainment system via a charging cable CarPlay™ appears in the menu structure.

Everything operates just like an iPhone here. From the touchscreen users can perform these functions: answer call, end call, switch phone to mute, display the keypad, retrieve the phone book and retrieve voice mails. Alternatively, all this can also be done with Siri.

Text messages are read aloud by Siri – a practical and safe feature whilst driving. Siri can also be used to generate your own text messages whilst on the road for maximum convenience.

CarPlay makes the entire functionality of the maps app available in the infotainment system. This includes detailed route descriptions (turn by turn), traffic information and the estimated journey time.

Access to the media library is available via touchscreen and/or Siri. CarPlay also recognises other audio apps that are installed for playing back music, radio and podcasts on the iPhone. For instance: Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher Radio.

The Passat Alltrack's 2.0TDI engine develops power output of 140 kW / 190 PS (at 3,600 to 4,000 rpm). Equipped with a newly designed turbocharger, the four-cylinder engine sends an impressive maximum torque of 400Nm in the direction of the standard 6-speed DSG from as low as 1,900 rpm with this level remaining constant up to 3,300 rpm. It has a top speed of 220 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h in just 8.0 seconds. This dynamic performance goes hand in hand with sustainable fuel consumption of just 5.2 l/100 km combined.

The new Passat Alltrack is equipped with 4MOTION all-wheel drive as a standard feature. It works with a fifth-generation Haldex coupling; the propulsion power distribution to all four wheels is activated even before slip occurs. This almost entirely eliminates any loss of traction. Normally, only the front wheels are driven, saving fuel. But as soon as there is a risk of losing traction, the rear axle is smoothly engaged in a fraction of a second. Along with the Haldex coupling that acts as a longitudinal lock, the electronic differential locks (EDS) integrated in the electronic stability control system (ESC) act as transverse locks for all four wheels. If a wheel starts to spin, they ensure that drive power is directed to the wheel on the opposite side within fractions of a second.

When manoeuvring or taking tight bends any build-up of tension within the drivetrain is prevented by reducing the torque transmitted by the Haldex coupling. The opposite happens in the event of heavy and rapid acceleration; in this case the coupling torque is quickly increased. Meanwhile, at high speeds the pilot control of the coupling, which is dependent on engine torque, is reduced in order to minimise fuel consumption. In this case front-wheel drive dominates. However, even in this situation 4MOTION remains a permanent all-wheel drive system, as the rear axle instantly re-engages as soon as any slippage is imminent on the front axle or the Passat Alltrack is driven with increased lateral acceleration.

Parallel to the Haldex coupling that acts as a longitudinal lock, electronic differential locks (four-wheel EDS) integrated in electronic stability control system act as transverse locks. If a wheel starts to spin, they ensure that drive power is directed to the wheel on the opposite side within fractions of a second.

The Passat Alltrack is equipped with a driving profile selector. A total of five driving programmes are available; "Eco", "Normal", "Sport", "Off-road" and "Individual" modes. The "Off-road" driving profile is an exclusive feature of the Alltrack model series. It assists the driver during off-road driving with a completely modified powertrain strategy; for example, among other features Hill Descent Assist is automatically activated.

Along with typical Volkswagen safety features, the Alltrack is equipped with ‘Rest Assist’ driver fatigue detection system and ‘Front Assist’ - a system that warns the driver and brakes automatically in case of an imminent collision. One component of the Front Assist system is the City Emergency Braking function with Pedestrian Detection. This ambient traffic monitoring system now comes as standard in the Passat Alltrack for the first time. While Front Assist warns drivers about insufficient distance to the vehicle in front and potential collisions at higher speeds and automatically brakes the vehicle if necessary, the City Emergency Braking system performs this role in slower urban traffic. Up until now, the City Emergency Braking system detected vehicles only. In the latest generation, the more advanced system now also recognises pedestrians.

By regularly servicing at a Volkswagen Service Centre you will extend the life of your vehicle, save money in the long run and also improve your vehicle’s overall performance. Vehicles are serviced by certified and trained Volkswagen technicians using genuine parts and materials which come with a 2 year factory backed warranty. Volkswagen Service Advantage shows you up-front service costs from the moment you drive your new car away. Passat Alltrack service costs can be found at


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