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Recall campaigns

Occasionally every manufacturer finds that despite thousands of hours in testing and the most rigorous quality checks in the industry, that some components in your vehicle may be experiencing a higher than expected failure or wear rate only identified through on going quality observation by the manufacture. If this does occur, Volkswagen will instigate a recall campaign to rectify the issues of the affected vehicles to ensure your Volkswagen continues to provide safe and satisfying motoring.

How can I find out if my vehicle has any outstanding recall campaigns?

Volkswagen will notify you by letter if we suspect that there is a component on your vehicle that we would like to check.

Alternatively, if you would like to check if your vehicle has any outstanding recall campaigns that have not been completed, make a booking at your Volkswagen service dealer. Your dealership can plug your vehicle into the diagnostic tester and check with a worldwide database for any campaigns that could affect your vehicle.


What is covered?

The recall campaign costs will be performed free of charge for both New Zealand new and used import vehicles alike. Labour for the service inspection will be covered, as will the cost of any component that is replaced as a precautionary measure.

Recall Campaigns

If your vehicle falls into one or more of the recall campaigns and has not been to the dealership to be checked, then make a booking to have the vehicle checked over by our trained technicians.

To find out if your vehicle has been affected find our nearest Volkswagen Dealership, click here.


Volkswagen Recall Information

From time to time, Volkswagen New Zealand may contact you as part of a Service or Voluntary Recall Campaign, and we may need to arrange an appointment at your nearest Volkswagen dealer to have work completed. This appointment is to ensure your Volkswagen is operating as it should. Sometimes these can be easily and conveniently dealt with at the time of your scheduled service.

If your vehicle is involved in a Recall Campaign, we will undertake all possible measures to get in touch with you and have your vehicle assessed. The Volkswagen Recall Campaigns are listed below, and we will ensure this list is kept as up to date as possible. Please get in touch with your nearest Volkswagen Dealer for the latest information on your Volkswagen- they have all the necessary information on your car.

Volkswagen New Zealand’s policy is to support all parts and labour costs of any new and used Volkswagen in New Zealand, regardless of the importing channel.

DSG Oil Recall

We have announced a voluntary recall beginning from November 25, 2013, to change the oil in a certain number of 7-speed double-clutch gearboxes (DQ200) in New Zealand.

The recall will be to change the gearbox oil from synthetic gear oil to mineral oil and to update the software of the transmission control unit. Volkswagen has detected that in rare cases the use of synthetic oil inside the gearbox may cause electrical malfunctions in the gearbox power supply. This could lead to a malfunction of the transmission. In the rare cases where this issue occurs, the driver can remain in control and safely manoeuver the car to a stop.

Vehicles currently in production and those available for sale are not affected.

If your vehicle qualifies within the scope of this recall we will notify you by letter to schedule an appointment at your nearest authorised Volkswagen dealership to change the oil.

If your vehicle has already been into an approved Volkswagen Dealer as part of the DSG voluntary recall, your Volkswagen does not require an additional appointment.


Amarok Fuel Line Recall

As part of its ongoing monitoring of the vehicle fleet, Volkswagen Commercial have identified possible leaks in the fuel pipe within the engine compartment of Volkswagen Amaroks in New Zealand. In order to avoid any accidental damage to the fuel lines, a chafe protector is being fitted at the affected points as part of a global recall programme.

Volkswagen New Zealand will contact the owners of these vehicles as soon as possible.

Tiguan Fuse Recall

Within the framework of the continuous monitoring of vehicles in the field, Quality Assurance at Volkswagen AG has found that, in isolated cases, a fuse may trip in the Volkswagen Tiguan, thus resulting in failure of one of the two vehicle light circuits. This in turn causes individual light functions to stop operating. However, the vehicle’s electric circuitry ensures that some lights remain on all around the vehicle. The driver is immediately informed of this on the instrument cluster.

Replacing the fuse with one with a tougher surface coating only takes a few minutes and Volkswagen New Zealand will be in touch with each owner regarding this programme as soon as possible.

Volkswagen Proactive Occupant Protection

A number of the first new Passat B8s were manufactured without this proactive safety system.


Volkswagen Proactive Occupant Protection