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Touareg Tips & Tricks.

Enjoy Better Living with Volkswagen.

Touareg Tips & Tricks.

Enjoy Better Living with Volkswagen.

The Innovision cockpit basics.

The Infotainment screen can be operated in much the same way as your smartphone; by voice, short and long icon touch, drag and drop, pinch to zoom, gesture, and screen swipes.

Here are the ‘go-to’ icons on the Infotainment screen. The circle HOME screen icon at the centre bottom will always bring you back to the start. Watch our video for more details. 

A The TOP BAR icons access: 

  • Radio stations.
  • Media.
  • App Connect (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink).
  • Drop down MENU personalisation options.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Your phone.

The RIGHT BAR icons access: 

  • Parking (camera views and self-park options).
  • Three favourites.
  • Windscreen and rear screen demisting.

C The BOTTOM BAR icons access: 

  • Seat comfort (heat and support).
  • Air conditioning.
  • Two personalisable HOME screens. 

Get to know the Innovision cockpit with Dave McLeod. 

How to use your head up display.

The head up is a great function that display the main information you need while driving. You can change its settings to adapt to the local environment, if it’s snowing for instance.

Personalise your Touareg.

With the new Innovision cockpit you can completely personalise your drive. Create a profile as a driver and choose your favourite functions, set up your preferred seat settings and even driving modes.

Understand the night vision feature in your new Touareg.

The Night vision feature is optional but if you’re vehicle is fitted with it, there are a few things you need to know about it.

Manage your driver assistance systems through the Innovision cockpit.

The Innovision cockpit gives you a high level of personalisation when it comes to choose your driver assistance systems’ settings.

Learn how to open and close your windows remotely.

First, go into Car > Settings Opening/Closing >Convenience opening and then select “All windows” on your dashboard.

Once it’s set, you can close your windows while locking your car by pressing 3s on the lock button and open your windows while you unlock your car by pressing the 3s on the unlock button of your key.

How to automatically lock your exteriors doors.

With this special feature, you can make sure to lock your doors from the outside only and feel safer.

Go into Car > Vehicle settings > Opening & Closing then choose the “Auto locking option”.

Make sure your side mirrors are clear when it rains.

Make sure the mirror control button is pointing down towards the heating icon at all time. With the rain sensors, mirrors will be heating when it starts to rain to stay clear.

Discover how your radio can pick up local radio stations while travelling to other regions.

Go into Radio > Settings > Advanced settings > Automatic frequency control then select “Automatic” for RDS regional. You’re ready for your road trip now.