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Volkswagen Proactive Occupant Protection

To find out if your vehicle is affected, please put the chassis number into the look up below.



The first new Passat B8 (until build week 25/15) to enter New Zealand were manufactured without the front passenger warning notification for when you forget to put your seat belt on. This means that some aspects of the proactive occupant protection system do not work correctly in the vehicle. Volkswagen’s Proactive Occupant Protection is a system which detects when an emergency manoeuvre is being made and prepares the vehicle and its occupant restraint systems in advance of a possible collision. In the event of a critical manoeuvre and a likely collision, Proactive Occupant Protection uses electrical pre-tensioners to remove slack from the front seatbelts. In cases of high lateral accelerations, the system closes the side windows and the sun roof. These were additional features and the Passat remains perfectly safe without them. However, it means that your vehicle cannot be described as being rated under Euro NCAP.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Volkswagen on or speak to your dealer who will help put you in touch with the relevant person.

Your vehicle is unaffected by this issue. You do not need to do anything. Sorry for any concern caused.