A Volkswagen is
more than a car

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It’s more than wheels,
gears, nuts and bolts.

A Volkswagen
is heritage.

It’s growing up.
Growing old.

It’s classic memories of
riding in one,
one and dreaming you
had one.

It’s the best stories we
have of
being on the
road – and off it.

It’s every roadie, pitstop, and journey of
life they take us through.

A Volkswagen will always be more than a car

Find your perfect Volkswagen

See what a Volkswagen
means to these Kiwis

A true member of the family

I bought this Kombi in 1984 to use as a holiday vehicle for my young family. The vehicle was used as an everyday vehicle for many years as well as a holiday camping vehicle. I restored it in 2011 for my daughter’s wedding and we now use it to take her and her family on camping holidays! It’s like a member of the family!

— Knut

Good as new-ish

I love the fact that after 320,000km my 2011 Passat wagon is still as dependable as ever and goes just the same as it did the day I bought it. It has all the space I need for a weekend away with the lads and all the gear. Driving from Taupo to Kaitaia non-stop helps you appreciate the quality of the interior.

— Darren

Amarok of all trades

I wanted a truck that was capable of keeping up with my sporadic and demanding lifestyle. Whether that’s finding access to places through rivers, being our home on the road or looking sharp for business things in between, it’s got me covered. Everything’s so easy and I don’t know why I didn’t get my Amarok sooner!

— Cameron

Golf with the family

I have had a few Golfs in my time, which I treat like family. At one crazy point, I had 4 generations of Golfs at the same time. Three of them were even at my wedding!

I still have my favourite MK3 which I hope to pass on to my kids.

— Ash

7 years strong

I had to convince my wife that the Touareg was the right one for us. Well, 7 years on and we still absolutely love our Touareg and can't see us changing any time soon. We have travelled all over the country in it and it’s such a nice place to do the miles in. I have looked at other SUV's but can't see us moving to anything else but an updated model.

— Ashley