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Concept cars

When we dream of the future, we see a world filled with innovative vehicles and zero emissions. That’s why we’ve created a range of concept cars that share our vision — to keep pushing boundaries and inspiring people to reimagine the possibilities.

ID LIFE is an experience like no other, and one that can become your personal mini cinema or gaming centre, complete with projector and console that can be activated when desired. With elements crafted from natural and recycled materials and a 172 kW electric motor, the ID LIFE embodies sustainability while pushing the boundaries.

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is almost upon us – and with it, a whole new way of travelling. Explore below how Volkswagen are using cutting-edge technology to improve safety standards, and help shape the driverless future.

Innovation today

We design and develop our cars with you in mind. Discover how Volkswagen’s forward-thinking cars and technology can make your life easier today. Whether it’s through the latest connectivity systems or pioneering assistance features, we want to make our cars as innovative and exciting as possible. Discover more below.

Meet KEV – The Kombi Electric Vehicle 

A 1966 Kombi with all the magic we remember, from its split-screen sliding door to its shining Volkswagen badge.  With KEV's old engine and tired battery retired, KEV now boasts a remarkable transformation. Powered by recycled battery cell packs and voltage cables, and embracing a sustainable future. We took notes along the way so you can learn about KEV’s journey to and Electric Vehicle.  

Modular electric drive matrix

Whether it’s in a city car, SUV or spacious seven-seater, the modular electric drive kit – known as the MEB – offers you everything you need for the future of driving. That’s because this newly developed vehicle platform is designed specifically for electric cars. The key benefit of this is that the MEB can be used to make the most out of the possibilities offered by the technology. For you, this means more space, range, comfort and convenience.


IQ.DRIVE is our range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), designed to help you navigate the road ahead with enhanced safety*. From steering support to speeding up or slowing down, IQ.DRIVE technology helps keep your mind at ease.

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