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All important information at a glance: Find out how to charge your electric vehicle, learn how you can conveniently pay and how far you can go

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Everything you need to know about electric mobility 

Do you have questions about electric mobility? Find out everything you need to know; from charging and range, to the benefits of switching, as well as the technology and sustainability of the Volkswagen Electric & Plug‑in Hybrid models.


Charging and range

Electric and Plug‑in Hybrid vehicles are now a very real alternative to conventional engines, for all types of Kiwi lifestyles. And it’s never been easier to charge at home, at work or on the road.

When will you make the switch?  

Switching and benefits

When will you make the switch?  

Switching and benefits


There are more and more reasons in favour of sustainable electric mobility – not least in financial terms. We have compiled the most important reasons for you below

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Electric FAQs

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EV Models

Discover the diversity of our vast range of 100% Electric and Plug‑in Hybrid models. Enjoy the benefits of electric mobility on a daily basis, without having to forego the performance of a petrol engine.


Are you ready to contribute?


Are you ready to contribute?


VW Sustainability

Volkswagen's Electric & Plug‑in Hybrid models are designed to minimise their impact on the environment. From zero tailpipe emissions to responsible recycling, see the steps we’ve taken towards sustainable mobility.

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Climate change

EV Servicing

There are many benefits to owning an electric car, including simple and cost-effective maintenance and servicing.

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Electric car glossary

Learn the lingo when it comes to the future of driving technology

You never know when you might need to explain what a Smart Grid is, or what we mean by energy recuperation. Read this handy glossary on all things electric and you’ll know your BEV from your PHEV in no time.

VW EV Glossary

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Everything you need to know about electric vehicles. Discover our plug-in hybrid and full electric range here.

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