Charging and Range

All important information at a glance: Find out how to charge your electric vehicle, learn how you can conveniently pay and how far you can go

Electric car with signpost

Charging with electricity? There’s nothing simpler 

The benefit of an electric vehicle: it frees you from old habits and makes many things a lot easier. For instance, you can recharge your car while you are sleeping, working or shopping. Charge management can be integrated into your daily life this seamlessly. 

Where can I charge up? 

Whether at home, at work, or on the way – that’s how easy it is to charge your electric vehicle.

How can I charge up?

Learn everything about charging electric vehicles: from sockets to quick-charging stations.

One-stop charging: our charging concept 

Volkswagen’s electric mobility is designed for everyday use, and is convenient and sustainable. No matter whether you are on the go or relaxing at home. That’s why we offer you almost everything you need for your mobile everyday life – from access to the public charging infrastructure and private wall boxes to green electricity. 

How can I pay?

An electric vehicle gives you several options to easily and conveniently make payments: via app, charge card or credit card. Soon, your authentication data will be stored in your car.  

How far can I drive? 

Here you’ll find all information on the subjects of battery, charging and range.