Grand California Campervan

Grand California
Pre Season Check

Are you ready to hit the road? 

When a new season is upon us, we know how excited you will be to hit the road and create new memories in your Grand California

However, before packing your bags and making the journey, it’s important to check your campervan is road trip ready, especially if it’s been stored away over winter.

More information can be found in your owner’s manual or you can speak to your local authorised dealerOpens an external link.

Your at home Grand California checklist

Campervan sun roof

Visual and functional checks of the interior include: 

  • Interior and exterior lighting 
  • Side window mechanisms including skylight and camping window
  • Fly screen and roller blinds
  • Drawers, flaps and hinges 
  • Heating system 
campervan bug net

Fresh and Grey water systems inspection:

  • Empty, clean and sanitize freshwater tank and empty freshwater lines if the vehicle has been parked for a prolonged period 
  • Empty and clean the grey water tank if the vehicle has been parked for a prolonged period
  • Check function of hot water system
campervan storage space

Kitchen and Refrigerator inspection: 

  • Carry out functional check of all kitchenette components  
  • Check function of kitchen sink drain
  • Check function of gas hob flame and cover plate 
  • Check gas bottle fill level
  • Carry out functional check of refrigerator
  • Check refrigerator grille for damage/obstruction
  • Check back panel of freezer for damage
  • Check refrigerator seal for proper fit and/or damage
Campervan storage closets

Wetroom and WC System inspection: 

  • Carry out visual inspection of seal for WC cassette  
  • Treat seal on WC cassette tank using care spray 
  • Check WC cassette chemical additive
  • Carry out functional check of all wet room components and drain
  • Check toilet flush function
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Talk to an authorised Volkswagen technician

Next steps

Talk to an authorised Volkswagen technician

Grand California Campervan

For any additional questions or support, please contact your authorised Volkswagen Dealer.

To have your Grand California owners check completed by an authorised technician please book a inspection online.


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