Iconic Models

No other car marked a generation like the Volkswagen Beetle. This charismatic little car left a beetle-shaped hole in our hearts when it was recently discontinued. It had a pretty decent run though – with over 20 million Beetles produced and subsequently adored by owners across the globe.

The Beetle first shot to fame after starring as Herbie in the 1968 cult classic film, The Love Bug. The following year our Beetle found itself casually (and illegally) parked in the background of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, officially making it a cultural icon.


This flower-powered automobile was the van for many generations of New Zealanders - the Kombi was so much more than a van. It was an icon that stood for road trips, hot summers, and freedom. 

The Kombi story starts back in 1947 when Dutch businessman Ben Pon sketched out the first-ever VW van. This T1 prototype proved so successful, it went into production a year later and out rolled our Kombi.                   

We’ve reimagined a classic for a better tomorrow. Meet KEV - the Kombi Electric Vehicle, a 1960s Kombi reborn with clean energy.  Learn more about turning your icon electric below.

Golf MK4 R32

Mozart, Charlie Parker and Hendrix were all icons gone to soon. But boy did they make some impact. The first Golf R32 touched down in New Zealand in 2003 and although also short lived, it has achieved cult status with Kiwis around the country. So much so, that a local fan club has risen across the years, with a unique passion for this performance icon.


Since its introduction to the New Zealand market in 2016, the Tiguan quickly became our #1 selling model. Not surprising too, with its class leading driveability and now a model range that includes Tiguan R, produced by the team at Volkswagen R – our performance model division.

Customer Stories

Tell us why your
Volkswagen is
more than a car

Customer Stories

Tell us why your
Volkswagen is
more than a car

A Volkswagen got you to the protests.
A Volkswagen shaped like a bug captured your heart
A Volkswagen got all your friends on the road.
A Volkswagen got to be passed down to you.
A Volkswagen got to grow old with you.

A car gets you from A to B
A Volkswagen just gets you.

More than a car

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