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Volkswagen ServicePlus


Big or small, no matter the job, we are here to help make your service as seamless as possible. That is why we have ServicePlus. If you’re a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle owner, you can expect a little more with your service at one of our participating service centres.

VW specialist performing service
How it works

A service is not just a service when the success of your business depends on your mobility. Downtimes in the fleet can cause delays in transporting goods, materials, and your team from A to B – meaning that operations come to a standstill. Our dedicated ServicePlus dealers ensure that your employees stay mobile and your business keeps moving.

ServicePlus is available to all Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle owners. So if that applies to you, all you have to do is book a service at one of our participating service centres and you’ll receive tailored benefits at no extra cost.

Servicing with us has benefits  

Our ServicePlus providers, meet a high standard of practice to ensure we provide you with the best service experience.

From extended opening hours to flexible availability, our specialised ServicePlus employees ensure improved accessibility, six days a week.  Our aim is to minimise your time off the road so you get back to work faster. 

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