Way to zero

Way to Zero

Taking responsibility for more than a car

We’re excited about the future and the steps that we will take to move us forward. Way to Zero is how we’re taking responsibility for making it one we can all be proud of.  

With a drive to make more electric vehicles available for Kiwis, dramatically reduce carbon, and actively invest in renewable energy, our ultimate goal is to become a company with a carbon-neutral balance by 2050.  

It’s no mean feat and we have a long journey ahead of us, but together with the help from Aotearoa, we’re on our Way to Zero. 

 And here’s how we’ll do it

Going electric

Simply put, electric mobility is our future. The last purely combustion-driven platform will be developed in 2026.
After that, only electric vehicles will be developed.
And in the meantime, we will be launching at least one new BEV model (Battery Electric Vehicle) every year.

Carbon reduction

With our Zero Impact Factory programme, we’ve set ourselves the goal of cutting CO2 emissions by 50% per vehicle in production by 2025, as compared to 2015.
A total of 11 Volkswagen vehicle plants have been using green electricity exclusively since 2020, and by 2030,
all sites outside of China will use 100% green electricity.

In addition, new sustainable components will be used in our ID. range. These components will lead to a further reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately two tonnes per vehicle by 2025.

Investing in renewable energy

Our sustainable vehicles can only reach their full environmental potential if our customers also use green energy to charge their vehicles

So, we've become the first automotive manufacturer to invest directly in the expansion of renewable energy on an industrial scale. These projects will produce additional green power and feed it into the grid.

Giving batteries a second life 

Our commitments to sustainability don’t finish at the end of a vehicle’s life. The batteries from an electric vehicle can now enjoy a second life as energy storage units at a charging station. After that, they will be recycled.

Plug-in hybrid drive

Our plug-in hybrids give you twice the driving pleasure with half the consumption, while achieving greater efficiency, flexibility and range. 

  - Zero emission mobility thanks to electric mode with it's practical electric range  
-  Efficient long-distance driving thanks to the performance-optimised engines
-  Maximum power with an electric boost in the high-performance GTE mode

We want Kiwis to have access to emission-free transport by 2025. That means making EVs affordable and practical for everyone.
Check out our impressive range of EV vechicles.

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