2023 marks an award-winning year for the all‑new Volkswagen Amarok. The Ute of the Year has seen its lineup earn acclaim from all over the globe, winning Company Vehicle Ute of the year (Amarok Style), NZ4WD Ute of the year (Amarok Pan Americana), NZ4WD 4WD of the year,International Ute of the year, Best 4x4 and Pick-Up Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year, and Autocar Car of the Year

The 2nd generation Amarok range launched last year in New Zealand and has received effusive praise across the board for its excellent range of options to fit all its consumers’ needs. NZ4WD motoring journalist Mark Baker says, “Everything about the Amarok is right. From the foundation… to the carefully considered four-model New Zealand range – from it’s distinctly European looks to the clean lines of the interior, and most of all its assurance when tackling all driving conditions on any road”.

Built tough from the ground up with cutting-edge technology, a bold redesign, and premium comfort ensuring it's not just another ute — the Amarok has proven that it's a force to be reckoned with. Four cylinder or V6, Amarok wins thanks to its ten-speed transmission, which maximizes its prodigious torque at all speeds. Geared up for the toughest tasks, the Amarok can transition between being a reliable workhorse and your rugged off-road explorer. With its spacious double cab for unparalleled comfort, enhanced by a range of new driving assistance features and safety systems it offers the answer for every ute buyer.

Globally, the Amarok claimed the 'International Pick-up Award' for the third time, presented by a jury of transport journalists. The new model has been available in the first markets worldwide since the end of 2022, and impressed the 20-member panel during this year’s test drives on the Greek mainland. Following the IPUA 2023 Group Tests, held in Greece last month, the new Amarok received its glowing tick of approval.

The Volkswagen design team has delivered a practical ute with unique styling and driving traits, which customers will testify”, explains Jarlath Sweeney, President and Chairman of the IVotY and IPUA jury as well as motoring journalist from Ireland. “This seventh running of the IPUA sees the new generation Amarok adding to the titles won in 2011 and again in 2017, with the upgraded version”, continues Sweeney. The Amarok now recognised at the top of its game – in the first, fourth and now seventh pick-up test of the international IPUA jury in 2023.

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