Charging & Range

How can I pay?

An electric vehicle gives you several options to easily and conveniently make payments: via app, charge card or credit card. You will only have to connect it to a charging station. Payment is made automatically. And the best part: There are public charging stations, for example in the parking lots of supermarkets, where you can charge up for free.

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Socket and Wallbox

If you charge your electric car at home using a socket or Wallbox*, you will pay for the battery charge on your next electricity bill. It couldn’t be simpler.

*Wallbox shown is in international spec, NZ local specification may vary. 

Public charging points

It is also very easy to pay when you use paid-for public charging points in the city or on the motorway: as the driver of an electric car, you choose a provider, who will bill you for the power you use for charging.  You can use the point and pay the charge point operator (CPO) directly, for example with a credit card. 


Free charging

In addition to paid-for charging points, there are also public charging stations where you can charge for free, for example VectorOpens an external link provide free EV charging stations across Auckland*. Or you can use the ChargeNet websiteOpens an external link to find out where the free charging stations are located.

Terms and conditions apply, view Vector's website to find out more. 

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