Volkswagen genuine servicing
Volkswagen genuine servicing
Volkswagen genuine servicing

Genuine Servicing

Treat your Volkswagen right

Treat your Volkswagen right

  1. Genuine Servicing

Genuine servicing

Only the best for your Volkswagen, that's the Service Advantage promise. Our qualified and factory certified technicians will provide you with a comprehensive service, so you can enjoy a carefree and safe motoring experience. Volkswagen’s factory-recommended service schedules are designed to keep your service costs remarkably affordable and our transparent service-cost calculator shows you pricing up-front.

The right service for your Volkswagen

  • Annual service on your Volkswagen
    Annual service on your Volkswagen

Your Volkswagen's yearly check-up

  • Annual service on your Volkswagen
    Annual service on your Volkswagen

It is recommended for optimum engine performance to have your Volkswagen serviced every 12-months or 15,000 km (whichever comes first). Service requirements do vary between model and the mileage driven, so we recommend consulting the service price calculator for indicative pricing.

Calculate service costs

Our intuitive service cost calculator shows you the up-front and maximum retail price to service your Volkswagen at any specified interval. You will find the same transparency and honest helpful advice from our Service Advisors at each dealer, who will help with explaining any work required so you can be confident that your Volkswagen will be taken care of.

Book a service

Book a comprehensive scheduled service, health check, repair or software update for your Volkswagen and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with Volkswagen's Service Advantage.

With 20 approved service centres nationwide, there is always a Genuine Service nearby.

Book a service
The benefits of servicing
The benefits of genuine

What’s the first thing you look for when buying a used Volkswagen, does it have dealer service history?

The value we place on the approved service experience is unquestionable, it’s a matter of trust and for good reason.

With a direct link to the factory that made your vehicle, a qualified Volkswagen technician can connect to your vehicle for on-the-go diagnosis of faults, clearing of codes and software updates.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are guaranteed to be the only parts that will go near your pride and joy and our team will ensure complete transparency for your added peace of mind.

What's in a service?

A Volkswagen Genuine Service® is a wonderful thing. Not only is your pride and joy treated to the TLC it deserves, but your local approved service centre will roll out the blue carpet for you as well.

Think of a Genuine Service® as a day spa for your car and the service waiting area as a tranquil place for you to relax, unwind and enjoy our complimentary tea, coffee and wi-fi.

From top to bottom, our team of certified technicians will leave no floor mat or engine bay unturned in their goal to deliver you back a safe and reliable Volkswagen.

Whats in a Volkswagen service
Service Plans
Service Plans

At Volkswagen, our Service Plans are designed to take the guess work out of scheduled maintenance. You get the benefit from our expertise, specialist tooling, technology and excellent customer service.

A Volkswagen Service Plan ensures all your routine servicing costs, for both Genuine Parts® and labour are covered up front and fixed over the life of the plan, saving you money and improving the residual value of your car.

Ensure your Volkswagen receives the Genuine Service treatment and why not save a little change in the process.

Infotainment updates

Your Volkswagen may have a navigation update ready and waiting!

Depending on the model and the specifications negotiated with your selling approved dealer, an infotainment update can be downloaded and applied to your vehicle.

Simply visit the link below or talk to your approved service centre about available updates.

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