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My 2015 MK7 Golf R.

- Emily Ward

This is my 2015 MK7 Golf R. It's done a tiny 30,000kms and is NZ New!

I'm the second owner. Coming from a strong VW background, starting with a 3 door MK4 Golf GTI then moving onto a MK6 Golf R. I can definitely feel every change that's been made to each car over the years. The MK7 R feels refined, classy and packs a huge punch!

I absolutely love it. I’m a huge VW nut. I started off with a 3 door MK4 GTI. Then I moved to a MK6 Golf R. And now I’m here with my MK7 Golf R! It’s an absolute dream to drive. A lot more refined than the MK6 but both are incredible cars. This photo was taken in Rolleston Christchurch as that’s where I live!


My whole family has been converted to VW’s. I got my mum into a 2017 Tiguan R-Line 4motion which is a 2.0L diesel manual. And my sister and her husband have a MK7 Golf wagon! Both back home in the UK. I’ve had such great experiences with them that I made them buy them.

I have a big love for Volkswagen's and every single one I've owned I've loved more than the one before!"  - Emily Ward