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My 2003 Golf GTI Manual.

- Josh Thompson

The VW obsession started in 2013 when my *** spat the dummy, had always wanted a GTI even without driving one.

Ended up buying the tornado red mk4 from Chris Bird motor company in Christchurch, sold it at the end of 2014 and repurchased it in 2015, worked away on it changing the body kit to all Votex replacements along with some stealth audio and radar, plus a stage 1 tune upping the power to around 200hp from the mere 150 they are released with stock.


The chance to trade it in on a MK5 came up and I took it.

The mk5 was tuned by Hennie Sadie with a Unitronic stage 1+ tune, new wheels, 2 way radio and the radar too, had that for a year and a half before spotting the red MK6 GTI at Paul Kelly motor company, took that and an Audi S3 for a drive and fell in love with the MK6.

Made the deal, kept my wheels and have a few ideas for the MK6 for in the future.

I wont be going away from the GTI any time soon, I was planning on an A4 3.0 tdi but couldn't get it in the right spec at the time. " - Josh Thompson


Josh's story has been featured in our VW's Downunder book.

Take a look.