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A little about my Golf GTI.

- Nico Patchay

I am pleased to own a very rare example of a New Zealand New Gti Edition 35 - only 60 brought into NZ as far as I know. This is a very special car to me as my family has been around Volkswagens as far as i can remember. 

The main thing that drew me to the GTI, Edition 35 in particular, is the performance. The standard GTI is well performing however the Edition 35 sharing the same heart as the Golf R gives it the extra spruce to which I love. The car drives and handles amazingly and is an excellent balance between performance and drivability. I am a true car enthusiast who gets to live out my passion with a great VW motorsport community. 


At the moment this is my daily drive but the distant future to replace daily duties to a VW Touareg and develop this particular car  into a race car by studying and using techniques developed by VW TCR car when the TCR championship arrives to NZ. Using the Toureg to tow the future race car to events.