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The innovation of originality, where vinyl meets Volkswagen 

Holiday Records: the small business shaping the NZ music industry

What came first, the vinyl record or the Kombi?  Both are well-loved icons and have since been re-envisioned for new generations. Scroll down for the answer.

Learn more about the Holiday Records story, their sustainability mission and how they navigate their day to day with support of the all‑new Caddy Cargo.

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It’s not just about where originality comes from but also about how it continues to evolve. Meet the kiwi business that have taken a nod to the past and recreated a music icon for new generations.  Ben and Joel are the creators behind Holiday Records, New Zealand’s only vinyl record pressing plant. Their passion is driven from supporting Kiwi music and enabling upcoming, unsigned artists to take their next career step.

“We’re the last step in the artists’ albums that they’ve spent years mastering. We help to create a tangible, physical reward that they can hold as a token of their work.”

Volkswagen and Holiday Records share a mutual love for quality, heritage, and the constant innovation of originality. Cue the Holiday Records mindset, “because music is better on vinyl, and life is better on Holiday.”? 

(A.   The first LP vinyl record was created in 1948, 2 years before the Kombi was born in 1950)

Not all heroes wear capes, some press vinyl 

Holiday Records are turning tables in their pursuit to be the most sustainable record pressing plant in the world. Their production process is refined at every step to challenge the vinyl industry’s shortcomings and continue innovating and improving.  

Their conscious manufacturing practices focus on using a cleaner PVC compound with energy reducing WarmTone™ Record Press, supporting local production and supplier, and applying minimal waste procedures across the board, including recycling all water and PVC offcuts. 

Have some unloved records in the garage? Check out their Record Recycling Program and how with the help of the Caddy Cargo prioritising this process within their delivery schedule is made possible . Read more of Holiday Record’s (rather impressive) sustainability efforts on their website.

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Caddy Cargo, built for business

The new Caddy Cargo is a gamechanger for small businesses - the size of a van with the drive-feel of a premium car. Think maximum space without comprising agility or enjoyment. The Caddy transports goods efficiently while giving the small nimbleness required for an inner-city commute.

 “We started out with one small car that could barely fit the boxes we needed to transport around. Now we are pressing triple the records that we started with, and the Caddy came along perfectly at a time when we needed the extra room.” With a focus on growth, the Caddy Cargo naturally became that next step in supporting our business goals.

Whether you are loading cargo, squeezing into tight spots, or taking on longer road trips, the Caddy has you covered. With a driver’s seat that feels like a connected ergonomic workstation, you can stay connected with colleagues and clients with ease. The new Caddy Cargo can transport up to 695kg so you can be ready for whatever comes next.

Don’t just take it from us; hear the reasons why the Holiday Records team love their new Caddy Cargo.


A trip down memory lane 

We asked Joel and Ben what advice they would give to small business owners starting their journey. The key theme? Operate with the mentality that greatness is a lot of small things done well. Nail the fundamentals in whatever you do and use every mistake as an opportunity to find the positives. 

“When we first started, we had no experience in pressing records or running a business. Our very first run of records was only 150, and it took us a week. We figured it out as we went and made a ton of mistakes. Learning from those setbacks is what spring boarded us forward in the right direction.”

Holiday Records is now a team of 6 and are pressing 1500 records a day. 

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Better business starts here 

 For a business to grow, you need to evolve. If you spend your days on the road and your work van is your office, you might as well make that office comfortable.  Find the Caddy that best suits you

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