• Price from$59,500*
  • Engine power75 kW - 90 kW kW
  • Load length1,797 to 2,150 mm
  • Load volume3.1 to 3.7m3
  • Payload693 to 729 kg

Caddy Cargo a van that's built for business 

If you spend your days on the road and your work van is your office, you might as well make that office comfortable. Whether it‘s covering different drop-offs or navigating narrow streets, the Caddy Cargo van makes your workday easy. Don’t let size deceive you, the Caddy Cargo now comes with an increased load capacity, optional dual sliding doors and 7-Speed DSG. All you have to worry about is what you’re having for lunch.

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Caddy Cargo

Work smarter, not harder

Whether you’re a courier service, or small business owner, the new Caddy Cargo van will be the perfect business partner for ease and professionalism in your daily work. 

Caddy cargo

Better business starts here

For a business to grow, you need to evolve. That’s why the new Caddy Cargo flaunts a new and improved eye-catching exterior, revolutionised cockpit and cutting-edge interface. Plus, with a driver’s seat that feels like a connected ergonomic work station you can keep in touch with colleagues and clients with ease.

Caddy cargo

Get to work safely

The new Caddy Cargo features a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems, that helps you get on with your working day without a worry.

Digital, flexible, robust

Strong and intelligent

Whether you’re loading cargo, squeezing into tight spots or taking on longer road trips. The new Caddy Cargo van can transport up to 729kg, plus additional roof capacity. It features strengthened floor coverings for extra protection, and the Caddy Cargo Maxi even offers a larger sliding door width suitable for Euro pallets.

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Carefully planned right down to the smallest detail

Carly Flynn

All you need is an idea… and a Caddy 

Holiday Records, the small business shaping the NZ music industry

A genuine love for timeless, classic heritage and a passion for sustainable and quality practices is the ethos behind Holiday Records. Lean how they are leading the vinyl music resurgence in New Zealand and how they get the most out of their Caddy Cargo.

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Next generation safety

Some things you just can’t compromise on. That’s why the new Caddy showcases the most advanced driver assistance and safety tech to date.

A helping hand

Make those longer journeys feel like a breeze with the new Caddy’s state-of-the-art Driver’s Assistance systems. Switch on Adaptive Cruise Control, available on Caddy Life, and the system will be able to sense the distance between you and the car in front, automatically braking or accelerating to maintain that distance. If need be, it can even bring you to a complete stop. 

Caddy safety
A work van you can count on

Boasting all‑new levels of technology, the new Caddy comes with a wealth of features as standard to help keep the roads a safer place. Take Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, a system designed to apply the brakes if a potential hazard is detected. Lane Assist also comes as standard, ensuring you can change lanes safely or stay in it if a collision is predicted.

Caddy safety

The Caddy Variants

Treat your Volkswagen right

5 Year Warranty

5-Year warranty now standard across the Volkswagen range.
Buying a new Volkswagen is about to get even more exciting.
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Whether your Volkswagen is brand new or has been handed down through generations, you will always receive genuine care and transparent pricing from our network of approved service centres across New Zealand. 

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