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Find all the latest information on recall campaigns in New Zealand here.

Diesel Emissions Recall.

Here you can find all the latest information regarding the diesel emissions recall. You can also use the Volkswagen International VIN check to see if your Volkswagen falls under the recall.

For immediate contact, you can get in touch through our dedicated helpline.
Email: or phone: 0800 735 456

Mechatronics Unit.

Volkswagen AG has established that Volkswagen vehicles with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, may over time, not continue to meet required production standards.
The mechatronics unit takes electronic signals and converts them into hydraulic power to operate your gearbox. In isolated cases a component may fail, leading to a loss of pressure in the hydraulic section of the mechatronics and in turn resulting in interruption of the power flow between the engine and the transmission.
For safety reasons, we need to undertake an inspection of this mechatronics component to ascertain if this may be affected, and consequently requires replacement. The work required will take approximately 4hrs and will be performed free of charge.

What should I do if my car falls under a recall?

If your vehicle falls into one or more of our vehicle recall campaigns we will contact and notify you in writing.

From there, your vehicle needs to go to an Authorised Volkswagen Dealership to be checked by our trained technicians. You can make a booking to have the vehicle reviewed by getting in touch with your local Volkswagen Authorised Dealer.

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About recall campaigns.

What are recall campaigns?

Recalls are identified through ongoing quality observations by every manufacturer. Despite thousands of hours in testing and the most rigorous quality checks, occasionally the manufacturer will find components in your vehicle may be experiencing a higher than expected failure or wear rate. To ensure your Volkswagen continues to provide safe and satisfying motoring, Volkswagen will instigate a recall campaign to rectify the issues of the affected vehicles.

How can I find out if my vehicle has any outstanding recall campaigns?

We will notify you by letter if we suspect that there is a component on your vehicle that needs checking. Alternatively, if you would like to check if your vehicle has any outstanding recall campaigns that have not been completed, make a booking at your Volkswagen service dealer. Your dealership can plug your vehicle into the diagnostic tester and check with a worldwide database for any campaigns that could affect your vehicle.

What is covered and do I need to pay for the recall?

The recall campaign costs will be performed free of charge for both New Zealand new and used import vehicles alike. Labour for the service inspection will be covered, as will the cost of any component that is replaced as a precautionary measure.

I need to update my contact details.

If you would like to update your contact details, simply email your contact information, including your car registration to From there, we will update your contact information in our system so we can stay in touch.

I have a question about the Diesel Emissions recall.

We have a dedicated helpline for any diesel emissions enquires. You can find the latest information on the link below, or contact us via email: or Phone: 0800 735 456

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