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Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts.

100% Volkswagen.

Only Volkswagen Genuine parts are German-engineered specifically for your Volkswagen - no retrofitting, no modifications. Their high quality and durability help to provide optimal vehicle performance and they may even contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s residual value if it comes time to sell.

Better than new - Genuine parts are identical to those used when your Volkswagen was built in the factory with the added advantage of continual development by Volkswagen in line with technological advances and today's best practice.

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads.

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are designed specifically for your Volkswagen model with safety at the forefront of mind.

During the engineering phase Genuine brake discs and pads are tested extensively in the workshop and in the field, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers in all types of weather conditions. 

Genuine Bake Discs and Pads are the protective gear your Volkswagen needs to stay safe on the road.

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Genuine Air Filters.

A Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter is your engines first line of defence, you can feel confident that the air going into your engine is clean and the fuel and air mixture is always correct. Our higher quality pleated filter paper features optimal pore size to ensure even the tiniest particles of sand, dust, dirt, soot, pollen and moisture are captured, preventing damage and wear to your engine components.

Genuine Air Filters are manufactured using low flammable materials and meet the strict quality standards of the Volkswagen Group. Just as a good quality dust mask protects your lungs, a good quality air filter will prevent wear to your vehicles internal components.

Genuine Dust and Pollen Filters.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep the great outdoors outside. Your vehicle’s dust & pollen filter does just that in ensuring that up to 99% of pollen is trapped in the filter, meaning you and your passengers can enjoy much cleaner cabin air.

  • The filter prevents pollen and fine dust from entering the vehicle interior, ensuring a sufficient supply of fresh air.
  • If you sneeze while driving at 50 kilometres per hour, you’re flying blind for 14 metres. The dust & pollen filter can ease allergy symptoms.
  • A clogged filter can impact the proper functioning of your air conditioning, and also cause unpleasant odours in the cabin.

There are three options available: Genuine Particle Filter, Genuine Activated Carbon Filter and the Genuine Allergen Filter.

Genuine Oil Filters.

Another important front line defence component, the Genuine Oil Filter ensures clean oil inside your engine. By effectively removing damaging particles from the engine oil a Genuine Oil Filter should never be sacrificed for an after-market solution.

Exceptionally durable and made from a fine grade, high quality material it gives your engine optimum protection, minimising engine wear for the entire interval between services, prolonging your engine’s life and protecting your Volkswagen’s resale value.

If you're a coffee drinker you'll appreciate the value of a good quality peculator, nothing gets through except that beautiful brew.

The Right Oil.

Volkswagen work with Castrol to co-engineer engine oil to maximise performance and increase fuel economy of your Volkswagen. Your vehicle is designed to work at its optimum performance using Castrol EDGE Professional.

This is why your vehicle is born with Castrol. Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife IV FE 0W-20 is the latest generation of oil from Castrol that meets the new Volkswagen 508 00 and 509 00 standards with the viscosity of 0W-20, which can only be used for specified engines.

Volkswagen recommend using Castrol EDGE Professional when you top up your oil level. Ask your local Approved Service Centre for the exact grade required for your car.


To help with our environment, some Volkswagen TDI models are now fitted with AdBlue® advanced emissions control equipment that cleans exhaust gases to comply with the new EU6 exhaust emissions regulations.

AdBlue® is a non-toxic, non-flammable; biodegradable urea and water-based liquid additive that processes the gases in a car exhaust system to remove harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Ad Blue

Genuine Cambelt.

It is essential that the cambelt and other related parts are replaced at the recommended intervals. A Genuine Cambelt is made from high strength material which prevents stretching, while being wear-resistant, highly durable and extremely resistant to heat and moisture.

Each component is of identical quality to those produced when your vehicle was manufactured and is designed in conjunction with all other related parts, so they continue to work together in perfect harmony.

Love your car? Protect your engine with a Genuine Cambelt.

Genuine Body Panels.

Genuine Body Panels and Parts give your Volkswagen the necessary stability and offer you the best possible protection in the event of an impact. As these parts are designed in conjunction with the original vehicle, they fit like a glove and work seamlessly with all in-built safety features.

This results in greater time savings and reduced labour costs over the course of a repair and your Volkswagen remains original through and through. 

Genuine Body Panels offer a high degree of rigidity and are manufactured with the optimum sheet metal thickness, there's no cutting corners here. In fact Volkswagen sets specific benchmarks for these panels which exceed the relevant ISO standards. Crash Test Dummies can celebrate!

Collision Repair

Body kits

Add to the aerodynamic profile of your Golf GTI or R and increase your street cred thanks to the German styling house, Oettinger. 

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Genuine Windscreens.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreens are more than a protective shield against the elements. They ensure that your interior heats up less in the summer and provide support for your airbags during inflation. 

Whether you have a chip or need a full replacement, make sure to request a Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen from your insurance company. Just as important as a new pair of glasses, a clear and calibrated windscreen will keep you safe.

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Genuine Classic Parts.

Be it the Beetle, Bus or the Golf - Classic Parts keep historical Volkswagen vehicles in original shape. With more than 60,000 spare parts available for classic cars as well as for daily drivers, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Classic Parts are manufactured according to the original specifications so that your classic Volkswagen remains an original.

Contact your local approved service centre today to enquire about Genuine Classic Parts

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Infotainment Updates

Your Volkswagen may have a navigation update ready and waiting!

Depending on the model and the specifications negotiated with your selling approved dealer, an infotainment update can be downloaded and applied to your vehicle.

Simply visit the link below or talk to your approved service centre about available updates.

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Ready and Waiting.

With more than 345,000 parts in stock and orders arriving from the factory daily, you are never far away from a Volkswagen Genuine Part. Our 6000 sqm warehouse in Auckland is located perfectly to provide same day and next day delivery services and our combined brand offering makes Volkswagen New Zealand the second largest parts supplier in the country. 

With a 93% chance we’ll have your part in stock, your Volkswagen Approved Dealer is the best place to get your genuine parts bar none.

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