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Service Advantage

Nobody knows your Volkswagen like we do. Which is why we pride ourselves in offering you a truely valuable aftersales experience. Value can be represented in a number of ways; In the passion for each and every Volkswagen that leaves the showroom, by using only the very best, dedicated, factory-trained professionals to work on your Volkswagen when it arrives in the workshop, by offering a 2-year warranty on genuine parts used during your service, by providing true value for money (both in the pocket and eliminating time off the road) and the ability to keep you fully up-to-date with what you need to know to optimise your Volkswagen driving experience.

By servicing your car regularly at a Volkswagen Service Centre, you will extend the life of your car, save money in the long run and also improve your car’s overall performance because servicing is the best form of preventative maintenance. With Volkswagen Genuine Service, peace of mind comes standard.

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Service Plans - All Vehicles

The Volkswagen Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Scheduled Service Plan allows you to buy your service in advance, locking in your costs and protecting you from rising future costs. It also means your vehicle is serviced by certified and trained Volkswagen technicians, using Genuine Parts and materials which come with our international 2 years factory backed warranty.

Volkswagen Scheduled Service Plans run for:

New Passenger vehicles - the first 3 years from the date of delivery or up to 45,000km, which ever comes first.

New commercial vehicles - the first 3 years from the date of delivery or up to 80,000km, whichever comes first.

It includes*:

  • All services, inclusive of genuine Parts and lubricants, according to your vehicle’s recommended service schedule.
  • A full diagnostic inspection at every service interval and software updates as required, please note: excludes navigational software updates

Volkswagen Scheduled Service Plans can only be purchased when buying your new Volkswagen. They cannot be purchased for used, or near new vehicles. * For full Terms & Conditions, including owners responsibilities, exclusions, transfers and termination, please contact your Volkswagen Dealership for details.

Package Prices - Passenger Vehicles

      Model       Cost incl GST












Package Prices - New Commercial Vehicles

ModelPackage RRP

Caddy - all variants


Transporter - all variants




Amarok Double Cab



24hr Roadside Assistance

24hr Roadside Assistance

Rather than finding a tow truck in the dead of night a free call to 0800 577 599 will have assistance on the way to get you and your Volkswagen mobile again 24/7.

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Keeping You Mobile

Keeping You Mobile

We want you to remain mobile, so our Volkswagen Servie Centres are happy to drop you off in town or there are selected loan vehicles available if you book your visit in advance.

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Service App for Smartphones

Service App for Smartphones

It's Volkswagen on the go. Offering an extensive range of functions, the Volkswagen Service App is the most comprehensive automotive mobile companion available, so download now for free!

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Volkswagen is focused on ensuring that you are happy with your purchase and on reducing the worry of owning your new vehicle. That's why when you buy a new Volkswagen from an authorised Volkswagen dealership  in New Zealand, we'll provide warranty cover to protect you against the repair costs of manufacturing and material defects within the specified warranty period.  To benefit from these warranties it is essential that your vehicle is serviced, maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. These aspects are all included in the purchase of your new Volkswagen;

Vehicle Warranty

Protects you against manufacturing and material defects and vehicle paint manufacturing and material defects.

New passenger cars - 3 year unlimited km mechanical warranty.

New commercial vehicles - Crafter comes with a 3 year or up to 250,000km mechanical warranty. All other commercial vehicles come with a 3 year or up to 100,000km manufacturing and material defects warranty.  

Anti-through corrosion warranty

Protects you from the natural  elements with a fully galvanised body that includes;

New passenger cars - a 12 year anti-through corrosion warranty against through rusting of body panels. T&C's apply.

New Amaroks - a 6 year anti-through corrosion warranty against through rusting of body panels. All other new commercial vehicles come with a 12 year anti- anti-through corrosion  warranty against rusting of body panels. T&C's apply. 

DSG Gearbox Warranty

This DSG Gearbox warranty (“the DSG Warranty”) provides 5 year/150,000km (whichever comes first) coverage from the Warranty Commencementdate* for DSG defects** within the original DSG Gearbox of Qualifying Vehicles***. 

Subject to the terms of this warranty, Volkswagen New Zealand (European Motor Distributors Limited) will, through an authorised Volkswagen Dealer, rectify by repair or replacement, any DSG defects in any Qualifying Vehicle, that have occurred during the relevant warranty period.

Damage to electrical/mechanical components associated with the DSG Gearbox will also be covered by the DSG Warranty when the damage is solely and directly caused by DSG defects.

Associated controls/systems, adjacent components, defects caused by improper care/use, or vehicle modification or tuning and failure to report defects in a timely manner are not covered by the DSG Warranty. 

The DSG Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions of the Volkswagen AG international warranty and the Volkswagen New Zealand warranty. 

Volkswagen New Zealand reserves its rights to decline coverage under the DSG warranty if the vehicle would not be eligible for warranty repairs as a result of the exclusion provisions contained within those warranties.

The DSG Gearbox warranty is effective from 12 June 2013 and may be withdrawn at any time.

This warranty does not apply to DSG defects repaired prior to 12 June 2013.

Volkswagen New Zealand (European Motor Distributors Limited) may decline warranty claims which are not intended to be covered.

*Warranty Commencement date: The DSG Warranty commences from the vehicle delivery date as recorded in the Volkswagen AG database. 

**DSG defects: DSG defects are manufacturing or material defects of a DSG Gearbox or components contained within the DSG Gearbox but do not include routine maintenance or updates. 

***Qualifying Vehicles: The DSG Warranty applies to Volkswagen vehicles with manufacturer-installed 6 or 7 speed DSG transmission units, whether the vehicle is New Zealand new or imported, but excludes:

(a)        vehicles imported by an importer other than European Motor Distributors Limited where that vehicle is owned by the Importer or a Motor Vehicle Trader; and

(b)        vehicles which have had modification, servicing or repair work done in a manner not approved by Volkswagen New Zealand, including but not limited to changes to original equipment and the fitting of non-approved parts or accessories.

(c)        Vehicles owned by an owner who holds mechanical breakdown insurance or similar which covers the DSG defects.


Approved Collision Repairs

If your Volkswagen is damaged in an accident, our Approved Collision Repair Network is committed to getting you back on the road with the assurance of Volkswagen's rigid standards for workmanship, quality and integrity. Be it a major or minor repair, all our facilities meet Volkswagen’s highest service standards:

  • Trained to the highest level in the proper use of Volkswagen approved repair equipment, tools and technologies.
  • Access to the very latest Volkswagen repair information and guidelines.
  • Use only Volkswagen Genuine Parts, complete with a two-year international parts & body corrosion warranty.
  • Work in partnership with the Authorised Volkswagen Dealer Network to provide the highest level of customer service.

 To find your nearest Approved Volkswagen Collision Repairer, click here.


Vehicle Recall Campaigns

If your vehicle falls into one or more of our vehicle recall campaigns and has not been to the dealership to be checked, then make a booking to have the vehicle reviewed by our trained technicians.

For information on current vehicle recall campaigns please click here.