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Transparent service costs from the moment you drive away. Peace of mind included on every new Volkswagen. 

Volkswagen Service Advantage means you know up-front the maximum retail price to service your Volkswagen and what work will be completed. You will find the same transparency and honest helpful advice from our Service Advisors at each dealer, who will help with explaining any work required so you can be confident that your Volkswagen will be taken care of.

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Service Interval whichever occurs first Service MRP inc GST*
15,000kms or 12 months {{resultData.Price1 | currency}}
30,000kms or 24 months {{resultData.Price2 | currency}}
45,000kms or 36 months {{resultData.Price3 | currency}}
60,000kms or 48 months {{resultData.Price4 | currency}}
75,000kms or 60 months {{resultData.Price5 | currency}}
90,000kms or 72 months {{resultData.Price6 | currency}}
20,000kms or 12 months {{resultData.Price1 | currency}}
40,000kms or 24 months {{resultData.Price2 | currency}}
60,000kms or 36 months {{resultData.Price3 | currency}}
80,000kms or 48 months {{resultData.Price4 | currency}}
100,000kms or 60 months {{resultData.Price5 | currency}}
120,000kms or 72 months {{resultData.Price6 | currency}}
20,000kms {{resultData.Price1 | currency}}
30,000kms {{resultData.Price2 | currency}}
40,000kms {{resultData.Price3 | currency}}
45,000kms {{resultData.Price4 | currency}}
50,000kms {{resultData.Price5 | currency}}
60,000kms {{resultData.Price6 | currency}}
75,000kms {{resultData.Price7 | currency}}
80,000kms {{resultData.Price8 | currency}}
90,000kms {{resultData.Price9 | currency}}
100,000kms {{resultData.Price10 | currency}}
105,000kms {{resultData.Price11 | currency}}
120,000kms {{resultData.Price12 | currency}}
125,000kms {{resultData.Price13 | currency}}
135,000kms {{resultData.Price14 | currency}}
140,000kms {{resultData.Price15 | currency}}
150,000kms {{resultData.Price16 | currency}}
160,000kms {{resultData.Price17 | currency}}
165,000kms {{resultData.Price18 | currency}}
175,000kms {{resultData.Price19 | currency}}
180,000kms {{resultData.Price20 | currency}}
200,000kms {{resultData.Price21 | currency}}
225,000kms {{resultData.Price22 | currency}}
240,000kms {{resultData.Price23 | currency}}
250,000kms {{resultData.Price24 | currency}}
300,000kms {{resultData.Price25 | currency}}
Maximum retail pricing is valid for 12 months upon printing or downloading this quote
Additional items not included in the MRP Inc. GST
{{resultData.ExtraItem1Label}} {{resultData.ExtraItem1Price | currency}}
{{resultData.ExtraItem2Label}} {{resultData.ExtraItem2Price | currency}}
{{resultData.ExtraItem3Label}} {{resultData.ExtraItem3Price | currency}}

*Not all services are the same.

Price variances across the indicated schedule are due to the inclusion of one or more of the additional service items i.e. Airfilter, DSG transmission service, Haldex final drive (4 motion only) service and spark plugs (petrol only). These items are required either time or mileage dependant as per the factory service schedule and are not required at every service. Speak to your dealer to discuss your service requirements. 

Full terms and conditions including qualifying criteria and definition of scheduled services.