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Volkswagen Safety

Engineered for Your Safety

Prioritising safety is our paramount concern, and at Volkswagen, we are dedicated to ensuring you and your family are protected. That’s why our vehicles undergo extensive testing to ensure they provide maximum care, time and time again.

ANCAP 5-stars for our range

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is a reputable organisation in motoring standards, conducting range of tests and assessments on new vehicles. We take pride in the recognition that our cars have earned the top-tier 5-star safety rating.

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Safety features in our models

Volkswagen’s ANCAP 5-star rated range ensures top-tier safety with enhanced features like IQ.DRIVE assistance systems, airbags, crumple zones, and ISOFIX child seat fixings. Innovations like Auto Hold and electronic parking brakes enhance driving, while tire pressure indicators and anti-theft systems provide added peace of mind. Take a look below for a breakdown detailing all the safety features incorporated into Volkswagen vehicles.

IQ Drive

Your advanced driving assistance systems

Travel with peace of mind, assured that we’ve got you covered. Every Volkswagen is equipped with an array of standard and optional driver and safety assist features like Adaptive Cruise, Blind Spot Monitor, Front Assist and more. IQ.Drive is designed to intervene proactively in critical moments.


Safe from every angle.

Ever questioned the need for airbags? They play a crucial role in softening collision impacts, reducing the likelihood of injury. Teamed up with seatbelts, they ensure top-notch protection for you and your passengers. In Volkswagen vehicles, you will find driver and passenger airbags as standard, with certain models having up to 9 airbags in total.

Car framework
Crumple Zones

Security Amid Comfort

Our vehicles boast a sturdy safety framework, with crumple zones specifically engineered to absorb crash impact. Through rigorous testing, we ensure that this structure remains reliable in critical situations.

Child safety: ISOFIX

Ensuring your little ones are safe

Make family outings worry-free with our commitment to safety. In every Volkswagen, we prioritise your peace of mind by incorporating ISOFIX child seat fixings. Globally recognised as a safer option for travelling with children, ISOFIX offers simplicity, eliminating the need for adult seat belts.

Our child seat setup features two sturdy mountings attached to the car’s body. These mountings securely hold the compatible car seat in place using support arms, while a top tether strap adds extra stability to the restraint. With easy installation and rigid attachment to the car body, these systems provide top-tier safety for your little ones.

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Braking and Stability Systems

Smart, smooth, safe

To optimise your driving experience, we’re constantly advancing with innovative features like Auto Hold, our electronic parking brake and Electronic Stability Control . With Auto Hold, your vehicle maintains stationary safety by automatically engaging the brakes, eliminating the need for constant foot pressure. Meanwhile, our electronic parking brake offers effortless parking, enabling you to securely immobilise your car with a simple button press.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) utilises the same hardware as other safety features, along with yaw rate, steering angle, and acceleration sensors to determine if the vehicle is moving in the driver’s intended direction. Whether on slippery roads or at high speeds, if the ESC system detects a skid, it automatically applies brakes to the wheels that are off course.

Tyre Pressure Indicators

Stay alert to keep moving.

Just as your shoes support your feet, car tyres support your vehicle. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring safe and comfortable driving. Our lineup includes features like tire pressure monitoring systems and Airstop tyres, designed to consistently check and maintain your tyres’ condition.

Tyre Pressure Indicators
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Anti-Theft Systems

Secret to staying safe

Our range of security systems aim to simplify your life while deterring thieves. The Anti-Theft Alarm System triggers flashing hazard lights and emits a loud sound if any attempt is made to break into your locked vehicle. The Electronic Engine Immobiliser is a convenient feature that guarantees only the authorised key can start the engine.

Proactive Occupant Protection System

Upon detecting a potential hazard, the system triggers protective measures automatically. This includes tightening seatbelts and partially rolling windows up, leaving a small opening for optimal airbag deployment. With this functionality, you could liken your Volkswagen to your personal bodyguard.

Proactive Occupant Protection System