Our lineup of advanced driver assistance systems

Always watching out for your safety

The recent Volkswagen vehicles demonstrate a significant leap towards autonomous driving. In the realm of intelligent safety and enjoyable driving experiences, IQ.DRIVE stands out as an important addition.

IQ.DRIVE encompasses our suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), tirelessly operating in the background to ensure your safety on the road. After all, driving is truly enjoyable when you have the necessary support. Wherever your journey takes you, rest assured that IQ.DRIVE will remain your steadfast companion, ensuring your driving experience is always a happy one.

Driving assistance

Keeps you in lane. And keeps others at a distance

Lane assist detects when you drift into another lane without signalling. It provides gentle steering corrections to keep you in your lane. If there is no response from the driver, it issues visual and audible warnings after a period of inactivity.

Parking assistance

Park in any spot

Parking can be a daunting and tedious task for many drivers. Our Park Assist is designed to alleviate this stress by locating the ideal spot regardless of your location. How does it work? Its intelligent sensors assesses whether a park space is sufficient as you drive by and handles the maneuvering on your behalf. With just a button press, it guides your vehicle into parallel and right-angle spaces while you manage the pedals. Taking it a step further, the new Touareg offers Park Assist Plus, which not only identifies suitable parking spots but also takes control of your acceleration and braking, allowing you to focus on navigating via the infotainment system.

Accident prevention

Your reminder to take a break

Taking breaks during long road trips is essential, yet often overlooked. Driver Fatigue Detection monitors driver behavior, promptly alerting you to any erratic steering wheel movements or lane deviations. Should you fail to take a break within 15 minutes, the system will issue a repeated warning.